March - April

Below is more information on what is happening here at Woodland Church! To get signed up follow the link below each event

Bike Outreach-02-01.jpg

Bike Outreach

Everyone grew up and had a favorite bike. In March we want to bless kids in our community with their first bike and we have a goal of 25! we are accepting bikes until March 28th, you can drop off your bike here or give by marking your gift "Bike Outreach" and that money will go directly towards new bikes and helmets for kids right here in our community.



Life Change is happening! March 24th we are celebrating the decision to follow Jesus by those around us. We are so excited to see the lives of people in this community being transformed. If you would like to be a part of this celebration and sign up to get baptized just click the link below. Cant wait to see you there!


Love Week

7 Days, 168 Hours, 604800 seconds... all that time to go out and serve our community in a huge way. From April 15th to the 20th we will be going out into the community to be intentional about getting people to church. During this week we will be posting daily challenges to participate in, on social media as well as through email. We cant wait to see the impact we can make on this community!


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming and we are so excited to celebrate the resurrection with you! We are going to be having an Easter egg hunt for the kids on Sunday April 21st! Sign your child up for this event right here, grab your baskets, And we cant wait to see you there!

This event will be limited to children from 2yrs to 15yrs and there will be separate areas per age group.