2021 COVID-19 Update

 How do we move forward?

We will be implementing a new, more reliable strategy as a church for our in-person gatherings. While we understand the importance of slowing the spread of the coronavirus, we have found that it is not practical to close the church doors any time someone tests positive in our congregation. In order to have our members' best interest at heart, but also be able to meet in person, starting on December 20th we will only have in-person gatherings on a bi-weekly basis. The weeks in-between will be an online service. This method will initiate a built-in quarantine of 7-10 days in accordance with the CDC guidelines between each in-person gathering, to ensure that if anyone was exposed on a Sunday, it is not unknowingly spread the next week at another service. We are expecting to return to full, in-person gatherings in the coming months, but for now, this will be how we move forward until further notice. We wanted to implement something that would be more consistent and meet as many needs and concerns as possible during this time of political uncertainty regarding the virus. We are certain, however, that God is good, is never-changing, and works everything out in our favor!

What about events?

Planning events during this predicament has been quite the challenge! We have remained optimistic and have been moving forward as normal so far, but due to a shortage of hands to help, funds, and unpredictability of being able to gather in large groups, all events for 2021 will be held off until further notice. We want to make sure the resources we are given because of your generosity are not wasted, and will be focusing more on missions and outreach rather than events that could be canceled last minute.