Upcoming Events

Baptism Service

May 1st   10:30 AM |  Woodland Church
Getting baptized is the perfect next step if you have made the decision to follow Jesus. Being baptized is a public declaration of your personal decision to make Jesus Lord and Savior of your life. It’s a declaration that the old has gone and we are a new creation in Christ. Whether you just got saved, or have been for 20 years, water baptism is your next step if you've never participated! To sign up, click the link below: 

Community Group Launch

May 8th   10:30 AM |  Woodland Church
We believe that you can only go so far in your walk with God alone, and community groups are an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with Him even more through connection with other people. We highly encourage every single person to at least check out one of the groups and give it a try!

Volunteer Lunch

May 22nd   Following 10:30 Service |  Woodland Church
On May 22nd right after Sunday service, we will be hosting a lunch here at the church for all of our volunteers! If you are a part of our volunteer group, expect to receive an invitation soon. This will be a time to fellowship with your teams, reconnect with your team leaders, and for us to share goals and vision with you all for the church. Make sure to put it on your calendars!

Online-Only Service

May 29th   10:30 AM
Three times per year, for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day, we air an online-only service to our Facebook and Youtube, @woodlandchurchtv, in lieu of gathering in person. We do this so our hard-working volunteers can have a Sunday off to enjoy with their families and friends! Whether you will be resting at home or out on the lake, make sure to tune in to the service that day from your device. We'll see you in the comments! 

Recurring Events

Corporate Prayer

1st Saturday of every month  |  9:00 am |  Woodland Church 
Our corporate prayer time allows us to spend time in unity, praying for our country, leaders, and our church. Anyone is invited to attend corporate prayer at 9:00am in the church auditorium. If you've never been to corporate prayer, you don't have to pray in front of anyone or speak into a microphone, but there is power when we gather together in prayer, and we hope that you will join us!

Serve Saturdays (DCHC)

1st Saturday of every month 
We are so excited to announce that we are going to start partnering with the Dream Center of Henry County for monthly serve days! The Dream Center of Henry County’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty and family homelessness in Henry County with a Hand Up. We will be sending teams out to participate in monthly serve days, and if you would like to participate, you will need to register in advance. You can do so on their website, by clicking the button below.


Quarterly | 7:30 pm | Woodland Church
Focus is a series of special Wednesday night services where we emphasize an aspect of life in Christ. Each one will focus on a different topic, and we will dive deeper by putting them into practice with the laying of hands in prayer. Childcare will be provided for nursery-aged children, and older children are welcome into the service! Focus nights in 2022 are January 19th, April 27th, August 24th, and October 26th. 

The Next Move

1st Sunday of every monthAfter Service | Woodland Church
If you have been attending Woodland for a few weeks, and want to officially make us your home church, we highly suggest you go through our class "The Next Move"! In the class, you will get to meet our Pastors one-on-one, and they will tell you a little more about the origins of Woodland Church, and exactly what we believe as an organization. You will also get to tell them a little about yourself, and based on where you are in your own walk with God, they will recommend what they think should be your next steps, based on scripture! To sign up for The Next Move class, click here!