Our Story 

Pastor Stuart Boice and his wife Tammy moved to the Atlanta area in 1996, as they accepted the call to be the Senior Pastors of Parkway Baptist Church. The Lord made it very clear they were to move there to help bring in the end time Harvest. In 2009, after the congregation purchased 132 acres of property, they planted their first building, which they now call home. In 2015 they changed the name of the organization to Woodland Church, to clarify its identity as a non-denominational church.

Meet the Pastors

Stuart and Tammy are both licensed, ordained, and graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before being called into the ministry, Stuart obtained a bachelor's degree in Zoology, with a goal to study birth defects in children. He also has a love for soccer, (at one point he wanted to be a professional soccer player!) muscle cars, and classic 'all American' meals like steak and potatoes. He likes things simple, clear, and to the point, which also reflects his style of Biblical teaching. In his own journey with the Lord, he rejects complicated "religious" practices, and embraces the simplicity of a real, vibrant relationship with God. In 1988, he married Tammy and started their family. Tammy has a heart for worship and can usually be found behind the piano. She also loves tennis, traveling, and decorating (especially for Christmas!). Tammy has a special place in her heart for the message of God's love for us, and telling people just how much they matter to Him. Together, Stuart and Tammy raised 3 sons, Taylor, Spenser, and Parker, with the same spiritual anchors that their own parents raised them. They are committed to helping people know the real God, one of great love and compassion, and to bring true understanding of the message of faith to the next generation. They believe that once we encounter God, we are transformed from the inside out and cannot stay the same. For more on what we believe as an organization, click here.